BlueNet is a professional software development company located in Yerevan, Armenia with links to two US-based companies. Currently, our product development teams are working on VoIP, hospitality, healthcare, and data archiving industry related software and mobile application design and coding.


As a group of bright, creative and full-of-energy professionals, we pride ourselves on providing robust, state-of-the-art solutions and services to our clients. Some of the products we have developed are used by such companies as Marriott, Hilton, American multinational telecommunications conglomerate AT&T, and some of the leading US Banks.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support the business growth of our customers through providing robust, cost-effective, professionally designed, technically sound and market-defining high-quality solutions, which will enhance their competitive advantages, create unique value.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our current position as an Armenian web development company into a well-known web solutions company that leads the web development industry worldwide at the same time providing our clients customized and effective web tools and solutions to achieve their business goals and boost their business effectiveness.

Software Development at BlueNet

We are a one-stop software development company. Based on our core values and vision we always deliver state-of-the-art and highly professional solutions to our clients. Since our establishment, we have developed and delivered various mobile, web and desktop applications and software.


Software development at BlueNet starts with a detailed product research. We closely work with the client to identify the product development vision and trends.


Next step of software development is software design. When all the analysis and research are set on the table and our UI/UX  professionals kickstart the software wireframe and initial sketche development.


Once we have finalized the product development path and agreed with our clients the final designs our development teams start the software programming.


When the product is ready we announce the official launch of it. Depending on the client’s requirements we can launch the product at its initial stages as well.

Professional Team is the Cornerstone of Succesful Company

Behind every successful project, we implement stands a strong and professional team. At BlueNet we have brought together tech innovators and developers from all around Armenia to design and develop state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.

Since establishment in 2017 January, we have designed and developed products for the various sphere, spanning from communication to hospitality and fintech.

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